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Paperless is an application that allows users to easily track their physical receipts and access data that is relevant to their spending habits. Through Optical Capture Recognition, a technology which is able to parse an image of a physical receipt into raw data, Paperless is able to store this data as individual entries, as well as visualize meaningful data.

The inspiration for Paperless came to me as I was thinking of problems that did not yet have a solution. Then, one day, when I wished to return a piece of clothing to a store, I realized I couldn't because I had no idea where I had put the receipt. Paperless offers a solution to this, as a receipt tracking platform, in addition to the meaningful data it offers to users about their spending. Created for Interaction Design 1 final project.

Other topics of further exploration within this project could include exactly what data is most meaningful to users, as well as how to most effectively visually display this data.